Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Blankets

Kilblaze supply a range of high quality fire blankets in various sizes. Suitable for a wide range of applications in offices, commercial kitchens, boats and workshops.

  • Easy to use in an emergency
  • Quick pull action
  • Strong, wall mountable PVC holders
  • Various sizes of blanket
  • All kite marked to BS EN 1869

Fire Stands

Where it is not possible to wall mount fire extinguishers or where the overall appearance of a room is critical there is the option of
placing fire extinguishers upon a stand.

Available as single or double fire stands

Chrome stands available as single or double

Theft Stopper

This device is designed to be mounted close to the fire extinguisher to prevent it from being used as a door stopper or removed from their location unless required, the alarm emits a piercing noise as soon as the fire extinguisher is removed.

The theft stopper:

  • Does not interfere with fire fighting ability of fire extinguisher
  • Highly visible deterrent STOP sign to discourage removal
  • Easy to install
  • Battery operated
  • Transport Boxes and Brackets

We supply a wide range of transportation boxes to give maximum protection to your fire extinguishers. In addition to these we supply hard wearing steel brackets in various sizes or strapped brackets which prevent extinguishers becoming dislodged.


Dorguard is an acoustically activated fire door release device which can be attached to a fire door to hold it open. Upon activation of the fire alarm for longer than 12 seconds the dorguard will release the door into a closed position which will help to contain a fire.

Ski pad

A Ski pad is the ideal evacuation tool for transporting safely non ambulant patients where escape routes may be narrow or difficult to negotiate. Its slim design, flexibility and tough slippery vinyl coated base material enables patients to be moved easily over virtually any surface – indoors or outdoors.

In an emergency the Ski Pad enables patients to be evacuated safely and comfortably it is quick and easy to remove from its storage bag and is laid beside the patient’s bed. The patient is then simply transferred to the Ski Pad, wrapped in a blanket, and secured in place with the seat belt style straps and dragged to safety.

The 2″ thick foam pad gives protection from bumps and bruises. The narrow width and flexibility of the Ski pad allows the patient to be slid through standard doorways, along twisting corridors and down narrow winding fire escapes.

The Ski Pad in its wipe clean storage bag can be wall mounted in wards or at the head of staircases ready for immediate use.